Friday, December 7, 2012

Maintaining your SOD Lawn the Easy Way

Taking care of your lawn, without needing to spend an exorbitant period of time and cash, is probably one of the top priorities in connection with looking after your yard.The first order of economic will be to properly mow your lawn. Everything starts and ends with a decent cut. Some mowing tips include:

 * Don't trim your grass way too short. Longer grass chokes out many weeds, and possesses a stronger root system.
 * Normally do not do away with anymore than one-third with the blade during anyone mowing. This can shock the lawn and lead it to brown out.
 * Do not mow once the grass is wet.
 * Change up the mowing direction for each and every mowing, because this provides for a much more even cut.
 * Sustain your grass clippings on the lawn, as they quickly decompose to incorporate nutrients to the soil.
 * Maintain your garden tractor blade sharpened to be sure a clean cut every time.
 * Modify the oil in your mower at least one time a season, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Other tricks for an appropriate lawn include:

 * Water more infrequently, but deeply, because this encourages a strong root system. Many experts recommend a good watering around 1 inch once weekly, of course this will be different slightly depending on climate, soil composition, grass type and season.A great way to determine whether you have reached one inch is to place a bucket in the line of the sprinkler and measure it until the water level reaches one inch.

 * Aerate your lawn annually, as this allows water, air and nutrients into the soil and prevents soil compaction. Some aerator tools could be pushed by hand around the yard. For bigger yards, you might want to do the hiring of a lawn care company that uses ride-on aerators.
 * Use organic fertilizer anytime you can. A superb ratio is 3% nitrogen, 1% phosphorous and 2% potassium.

Some helpful mowing safety tips include:

 * Keep all children and pets from the yard and from the rototiller constantly.
 * Never cut the lawn when it is raining or lightening.
 * Never allow a tiny child to ride on a riding lawnmower.
 * Discuss garden tractor safety with your children, and don't allow a young child under the age of 12 to perform a mower.
 * Walk-through your yard and appearance for stones or sticks that might become projectiles if run over.
 * Always proceed through manufacturer’s approaches for safety and maintenance.

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