Thursday, October 25, 2012

Southern California Sod Types

Southern California is famous for its sunny weather and mild climate.  In Los Angeles you can choose between a variety of Bermuda grass as well as the traditional Fescue or Bluegrass.  Ryegrass is also an option but is traditionally used when over-seeding in the Winter when Bermuda goes dormant.

Bermuda grass originated in Africa and Asia and came to America via Bermuda, thus the name Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass has deep roots.  The roots can grow as deep as 6 feet! The optimal temperature for growth is 59-99 degrees Fahrenheit.  In the Winter this grass goes dormant but once temperatures rise it quickly regrows.  It does best in full sun.  It  struggles to grow in full shade.  This makes Bermuda the ideal warm weather sod for Los Angeles.  If you want to keep a green lawn year round you will need to overseed with rye grass in the winter.  It is a simple process and takes about 2 weeks for the winter lawn to grow. Bermuda is best for high traffic lawn and sports fields.

Tall fescue grass isn't as durable as Bermuda but it also has a deep root system and can handle cooler weather.  Tall fescue grows up to 3-4 feet if left while bermuda doesn't get very tall.  It stays around 2 inches long.  If need to choose between the two types of sod consider the high and low temperatures in your area as well as shade.  If you live where it is very sunny and warm, go with bermuda.  Otherwise, fescue might be your choice.
Fescue in Bermuda (during Winter)

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