Monday, April 8, 2013

Monthly Hints for SOD Lawn

Improper mowing and trimming will cause more problems on lawns than any other servicing exercise. Most lawns are mowed quite short, hardly ever enough, and/or with a dull mower blade. Mow regularly sufficient so you don't get rid of more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a single mowing. Avoid mowing during midday when temperatures are above 90 degrees and the when the soil is dry. The mower blades must be well-defined and may need sharpening four to six times a year. A sharp blade results in a cleaner healthier cut, leaving a more attractive lawn.

December to January

With the seasons lower temperature’s your lawn will be slow to generate changes. With our insufficient rainfall we can’t blame the leaching of nutrients from the soil on the weather, so our fertilizing job that keeps our lawns healthy and green for the winter should still be in tact somewhat. I have had some calls about yellowing lawns, it is just a lack of nutrients, be patient, remain calm and your lawn will once more go back to its traditional green color as the temperature warms.

Do you have SOD lawn at home? More ideas here.

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